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Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas

December 10, 2017

Limited Edition Holiday Gifts

Remembrance Trees are a wonderful gift for the holidays and year round. $425.00/tree

Remembrance Tree brochure v3

For program information:









Bogert’s Bridge 175th Anniversary Ornament (shatterproof) – $10.00/ornament







Bogert’s Bridge 175th Anniversary 2-Beverage Tote – $5.00/tote



Gift items are available at:

Friends of the Allentown Parks, 2700 Parkway Blvd, Allentown, PA  18104 (610-432-7275 or

Department of Parks and Recreation, 3000 Parkway Blvd., Allentown, PA  18104 (610-437-7750)

Bogert’s Covered Bridge 175th Anniversary Celebration

August 31, 2016

Bogert's Bridge photo

During the past 175 years, Bogert’s Covered Bridge served the Bogert family and the Allentown community by providing a key crossing point over the Little Lehigh River. The ambience and history of this wooden covered bridge cannot be duplicated. As many have noticed, the bridge is in need of major restoration – a new roof, sideboards, interior & exterior painting, masonry work and much more. Friends of the Allentown Parks has heard your concerns and needs your support! The cost estimate for this work is $1.5 million. While we are avidly seeking grants, please consider a generous donation today and let’s keep Bogert’s Covered Bridge around for another 175 years!

Thanks for your support!

Bogert’s Bridge 175th Anniversary Commemorative Ornament

November 24, 2015

Bogert's Bridge photoBogert’s Bridge, built in 1841, is the only remaining covered bridge in Allentown. This architectural icon, located in Lehigh Parkway, crosses the Little Lehigh River joining portions of what was once the Bogert family farm. As we celebrate the bridge’s 175th anniversary, work is underway to restore this historic icon and Friends of the Allentown Parks is pleased to offer our limited edition holiday commemorative. A portion of the donations raised will go towards bridge restoration.

Donation: $10.00/ornament

Available for collection at:

Friends of the Allentown Parks, 2700 Parkway Blvd., Allentown, PA 18104, Ph: 610-432-7275


Allentown Dept of Parks and Recreation, 3000 Parkway Blvd., Allentown, PA 18104, Ph: 610-437-7750





Visit our NEW Marketplace!

August 25, 2015

Friends of the Allentown Parks is pleased to offer used children’s books in good/ acceptable condition generously donated by Cops ‘n’ Kids. Books are available for collection at the Friends office.

Visit our Marketplace page here!

Friends of the Allentown Parks

June 26, 2015

Coca-Cola Donates Rain Barrel

July 14, 2014

Coca-Cola rain barrel topOur thanks to Heather Ames of the Coca-Cola Lehigh Valley Plant for graciously donating a rain barrel for use in one of Allentown’s community gardens. Approximately 1,200 Lehigh Valley 3rd & 4th graders attended Hydromania 2014 at Cedar Crest College and visited the Coca-Cola exhibit. There the students had the opportunity to autograph a full-size rain barrel. The barrel has found a new home at a community garden located in Jordan Meadows.

Coca-Cola rain barrel




February 20, 2012

Friends of the Allentown Parks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the parks in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Our city is home to a beautiful and expansive system of 49 parks—the parks cover more than 2000 acres of land and comprise over 13% of the city’s total acreage.  Parks improve our quality of life in many ways; they provide recreation opportunities, quiet refuge, environmental benefit, and opportunities to connect with nature.  Friends hopes that you will join us in working to make this great park system even better.  Please explore our site for information about the many ways to become involved, from joining as a member and supporting our park improvement projects to volunteering your time in one of the many parks or playgrounds throughout the City.

On our website you can find information about our organization, Events in the Allentown Parks, Membership, the Remembrance Tree Program, Volunteers in the Parks (VIP) opportunities, the Newsletter, and Links to other resources and organizations related to the Allentown Parks.

For more information please contact us:

Phone: 610-432-7275; Email:

2700 Parkway Blvd, Allentown PA 18104

To sign up for the mailing list to receive newsletters and event information, please call or email us with your preferred contact information (please note whether you prefer hard copy mail or email).